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You've reached An Invisible War, a fanlisting and soon to be tribute site for Sion Sono's excellent 2008 film Ai no Mukidashi, also known as Love Exposure. You may know Sono from his other films such as Suicide Club and Why Don't You Play In Hell? Check out a quick summary of the film below:
Three emotionally abused people from the fringes of society get locked in a convoluted love triangle. Yuu, a Catholic boy searching for true love ends up taking erotic photographs of women in public until he discovers Yoko, whom he sees as his Virgin Mary. Yoko, an antifamily, misandristic girl finds that her foster mother will be marrying Yuu's father. Koike, an "original sinner", coordinates a plan to convert Yuu's family to her cult. Under her careful direction, their lives come crashing together in one fateful street fight. - from IMDB
Whether you're just curious or have seen the film already, navigation for the site can be found on the left above the graphic, although most is still under construction. The fanlisting can be found under "listing." Do be aware that this site will contain unmarked spoilers.

'' There’s always a war on. And I’m the only one who knows it. An invisible war. The war that nobody knows is on. ''